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Hi, my name is Josh Hoyla. San Diego born and bred. My interest in the arts started at a very young age and ever since, I've been following a continuous path of honing my skills and become a better artist. In high school I was even voted Most Artistic; however, it was really the education I received at the Art Instiute of California - San Diego that led to my full-blown passion in becoming a multimedia graphic arist, art director, and a proud member of the design world. Not long after starting my college education, I also began freelancing in order to gain real-life creative experience in the field and help bring my clients' ideas to life. One of the most important lessons I learned along my journey, was building a firm understanding that design, in all its forms and functions, is an art form. In many ways, it's what reflects our humanity and connects us all. Watching where technology is taking us and how we continue to invovate the way we live, communicate and build upon each others ideas, I cannot help but be thouroughly excited and humbled by the power and potential of design now and in the near and distant future. Utilizing what I know, experienced, and continuously discover, I'm constantly growing, adapting, and becoming the best version of myself I can be.

"Come lend me your senses." ~ Josh Hoyla

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